This describes how to enable 16 bit colour for video graphics on the Calypso 16 board.
The Calypso 16 graphics board is designed to be used with Pluto 5 or Pluto 5 Casino.

There are 2 Winzip files that you need to open: - Pluto 5 Peripherals Library issue 34 with the palette - Example project
Put the file in \heber\libs\peripherals\pluto5\lib\81-16083 and extract it. It will
create its own sub-folder. The makefile in the attached example project is pathed to this new folder.

The latest version of the Peripherals Library has new functions for separately loading the two
colour palettes. The functions are:
Load console layer palette:
voidLoadCPalette(const DEVICE* dev,const RGB* palette)
Load middle/base layer palette:
voidLoadMBPalette(const DEVICE* dev,const RGB* palette)
They are similar to the existing palette function LoadPalette(), which loads both palettes
simultaneously. If you look on our web site, there are examples in the software release notes.

Example project. This uses three overlayed layers:
Base layer 16bit colourConsole layer 8bit colour, palette AMiddle layer 8bit colour, palette B
The base layer is loaded with a 16-bit colour background image.
A 16-bit colour cherry sprite is loaded to memory and BLITTED to the base screen.
An 8-bit colour coin sprite is loaded to memory and BLITTED to the console screen.
An 8-bit colour playing card sprite is loaded to memory and BLITTED to the middle screen.

The Coin and Queen playing card sprites use different palettes. contains the utility img16gnu.bat.
This utility converts all image source files (.jpg, .bmp etc) in subdirectory “source” into Heber *.s
source files.

If you need any help let us know.