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Thread: How to check that the main cpu is running correctly ?

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    How to check that the main cpu is running correctly ?

    Hello all,

    We use the X10i for our slot machines here and happy about it. But recently we , faced a little problem. The X10i seemed to have “crashed” and while unresponsive, it has hold the Digital Ouput states (instead of resetting them), which leads to problem on our side. So my question is : Is there a mechanism to monitor the healthy running of the pcb cpu on the software side ?? (watchdog,... )

    I had the idea to poll the clock every 5 seconds , but I’m not sure if it’s enough as I suppose this is serve by the Security PIC. Any idea would be welcome to check the health of the CPU

    Best regards and thanks in advance


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    As a customer of Heber you have access to the support team. please contact support@heber.co.uk and give them us much information about the problem as possible.
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