Xluminate_lamp_connections.jpg - Multiplex Connections

Xluminate_lamp_Power.jpg - Multiplex Power connections

Some schematic information to show how a lamp matrix is connected to Xluminate.

You should also look at this Schematic from our Pluto range of controllers; the lamp matrix is identical to the Xluminate outputs, so it may help you also.
Page 2 shows a typical lamp matrix (Don't fit the resistor's on the Source lines; this is just because LED's are being used to simulate lamps).

The Xluminate Software manual can be found here - http://www.heber.co.uk/pdfdownloads/...ser_manual.pdf

Please note you will need a blocking diode on each Lamp as the Xluminate is configured in a 16 x 16 matrix of sink and source drivers. Section 1.1.2

With a Lamp matrix you should use the monochrome Xluminate setting - See 2.16 in the SW manual

If you are using 12V Lamp's you need to connect +48V to the Multiplex input connector (P10) this is because the lamps are multiplexed and to drive a +12v Lamp with a 1:16 duty cycle you need a higher voltage to get the +12v lamp to the same intensity when used with a non-multiplexed drive system.

Pin 1 of P10 should be connected to the Lamp GND connection and Pin 2 and 3 should have the +48V Lamp supply connection, this is referred to as +VMPX supply.

You then need to use connectors P3 (Lamp Sinks) and P4 (Lamp Source) for connection of the 256 Lamp Matrix. See attached diagrams.

Please then see the Xluminate software manual - http://www.heber.co.uk/pdfdownloads/...ser_manual.pdf