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Thread: MoneyManager API Overview

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    Lightbulb MoneyManager API Overview

    This document describes all aspects of the MoneyManager API. The MoneyManager API provides a
    high level access functions to allow the user to interface with money handling peripheral device.
    This software user guide is divided into the following chapters:

    Chapter 1 Introduction: This chapter.
    Chapter 2 MoneyManager API: Details each function of the MoneyManager API.
    Chapter 3 Configuration File: Details the device configuration file as required by the
    Chapter 4 Building and Executing a Program: Provides information for building and
    running your first MoneyManager program.
    Chapter 5 API Return Codes: Details all MoneyManager API return codes.

    xline_MoneyManager_api_manual.pdf - MoneyManager API Manual
    Richard Horne
    Commercial Manager
    Heber Ltd.
    SKYPE: richard_h_heber

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    MoneyManager dev libraries


    I'm using x10i boards for over a year, and this is the first time I've heard about MoneyManager. I wish it existed a year ago, it would save some development effort implementing various communication protocol support by me... But better ever then never...

    Are the related development libraries / headers available for download? (I couldn't find the links...)


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