Just a quick bit on the Pluto Audio Amp as I was asked some questions about using it and connecting a Bass speaker -

Just one other point - Thise Audio Amp is the same as used on P5, P6, P8, X10i and Nucleus (Every Heber Product)

The audio amplifier is designed to give 5W out per channel so itís 5W+5W (10W total)

You can have 4R, 8R or 16R speaker loads.

Frequency range is 22Hz to 22Khz.

The outputs are designed to be independent and in a +/- speaker configuration, so donít common-ground them (Like in JAMMA machines).

Also donít connect both outputs together as this will result in shutdown and destruction of the Amp.

Customer Question about Bass speaker connection -

A - You could use one channel as a bass speaker output and then use the other as audio, if you wanted you could use 2 x 4 Ohm speakers in series on one channel to get dual-mono and then the other channel could just be a single larger 8 Ohm Bass speaker. Just make sure the result speaker impedance is matched.

Datasheet of the Audio Amp is below for specís and general info.

Datasheet - tda7057aq.pdf