Q - I have tried the Heber Image Format, and the output from bmp24tohif is very similar to the previous .bin format. The difference is there are 8 bytes (for image's height & width) at the beginning and 1 byte (0xFF) at the end. When I using API LoadHIF() to load it, the header and tail of .hif would not be removed automatically. Does that mean the 3rd parameter of LoadHIF will point at the first byte of HIF data rather than the first pixel of the image?

A - Yes, the HIF format will contain a 8 bytes header (long for hsize and long for Vsize). The number of bytes representing the data )HSIZE*VSIZE*2)

Hifimage, imagedataaddress will point to the first pixel of the image or the first real byte of data. This means that this address points straight after the header, even though the header is stored in video memory.