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Thread: Complete model and picture of Pluto 5 with Calypso 16

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    Cool Complete model and picture of Pluto 5 with Calypso 16


    We are trying to import pluto 5 as we have seen it is possible to build video games with the board.
    The question is that i have downloaded several images but none corresponds to what we need.
    - If someone could send me an image and exact model of the pluto 5 we need it could be help ful.
    - First we need it for video games not reels.
    - Second we want the development kit but we need to know if there are code samples and which c++ compiler should we use. Of course help deciding the IDE also would be helpful.
    - We have produced one game. But it is for PC but we have learned all the math, and different sections of a game. Of course we did it using flash for animations and vb for the logic; so we need a little help on how to get started with animations for pluto 5. Just a general description on how animations are made here.

    my email is glraul@gmail.com.

    Thank you.

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    Pluto 5 help


    What and where are you trying to import?

    You can download the entire software devkit here - (It's 55MB) -http://www.heber.co.uk/downloads.php...luto5#software

    Take a look at the devkit, and also our other products.

    What Market are you looking at? if it's South America, then also take a look at Pluto 5IV (It's a combined Pluto 5 and C16) or Pluto 8 - that's a dedicated dual video board.
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