The N500 PC section of the controller is basically like a normal PC motherboard but with many extra devices and I/O to aid customers interface to the outside world and other devices, the hard drive or FLASH that can be supplied has Windows XPe, Windows 7 Embedded (WES7) or Linux installed with all the system drivers and also the Heber I/O driver (X10i).

The I/O section is identical to our X10i product; details can be found here –

So you should be able to boot into Windows (with the supplied Evaluation hard drive, connected to a SATA port) and then run any of the normal X10i Demo’s or start development of a game/application using the X10i development kit -

X10i software manual can be found here -

Nucleus N500 I/O connector pin-outs and technical spec below.



Custom software and Operating systems can be done, just contact us for any other details.